Clean Me Travel Pack for Multi-Day Expeditions

Everything you need to clean and dry your body, clothes and dishes on multi-day expeditions.

Packed in a handy resealable, waterproof bag. Ideal for your adventures.

  • Hikers & Bikers
  • Kayakers
  • Campers
  • The Big OE
  • Festivals
  • Hunting
  • Boating
  • Car

We know we're saving you hours of time to go out and buy these products.

We also know we're saving you lots of dollars. At $34.95 this Clean Me Pack with all its components is more cost-effective than the price of one smaller micro fibre towel at most retail stores. 

Matt Watson The Fishing Guy keeps a pack in his 4WD truck and boats. He always has towels and toothpaste available when needed! The eco soap has no nasties for the environment so can be safely used in the outdoors.

This pack is full of reusable products; towels, clothesline, scouring pads, ziplock waterproof bag. 

This cleaning travel essentials kit contains:

  • Microfibre gym towel large
  • Microfibre face cloth
  • Microfibre tea towel
  • Ethique body, hair and clothes wash
  • Travel toothpaste
  • Pegless travel clothesline with clip hooks
  • 2 x scouring pads infused with dishwashing liquid
  • Sudoku & quiz on the inside sleeve 
  • It's only 275g


Shipping is normally 1 - 4 days depending on your address. We're Wellington-based.

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