72 Hour Emergency Food Pack

3 days food

2 years shelf life 

1 person


The Ministry of Civil Defence recommends both sufficient and appropriate emergency food be on hand and as a get-away pack to sustain an individual for up to 72 hours in case of a major disaster.

Only 13% of New Zealanders are emergency ready according to the Ministry of Civil Defence. We can help you get 3-days of emergency food ready for a period of 2 years in one click.  

This 72 Hour Food Pack provides a practical and effective long-life food solution with 2 years shelf life on all products. The best before date is clearly marked on the outside of the pack and covers all products. Retail purchased products will have a variety of use by and best before dates and normally go off after 12 months, you need to complete a 6 monthly audit of your emergency food if you're running multiple best before and use-by dates. This pack keeps it easy to manage. 

This 72 Hour Emergency Food Pack will save you time, money, and food waste, we've done the maths. 

  • Home 
  • Work
  • School
  • University Students 
  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Holiday Homes
  • A gift for friends and family

The Menu:

3 x Cereal Bars

2 x Packets Shrewsbury Biscuits

1 x Fruit Bar

1 x Pouch Baked Beans - Eat Hot Or Cold

1 x Pouch Spaghetti Bolognese - Eat Hot Or Cold. We can swap for Vegetarian Curry if required. Please email us for this as part of your order.

3 x Rolls Mini Mentos

3 x Orange Drink Powder Sachets

2 x Anti-Bacterial Wipes

1 x Spoon

7500kJ to sustain you in an emergency.

Compact ziplock pack for easy storage and to grab and go in an emergency.

25cm - Height

18cm - Width

5cm - Depth

To heat the meals; add the pouch to rapidly boiling water for 2 minutes or submerge in a bowl of boiled water for 8 minutes or place the meal pouch against your skin for 20 minutes and the meal warms through. The meals are pre-cooked so they can also be eaten cold.


Employers have a responsibility as part of their workplace Health & Saftey plan to ensure they have appropriate emergency food onsite. One-click and we can deliver to your door a solution that gives you 2 years cover. At the end of 2 years, these products can be donated to food backs or community organisations. We can send you an automated email to remind you that you have 2 months remaining to donate your food to a charity of your choice. 

The link below is a useful Emergency Plan resource for employers and health and safety managers.




Shipping is normally 1 - 4 days depending on your address. We're Wellington-based.

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