Tester Pack - Beef Ragu - Butter Chicken - $17.99 delivered

Butter The proof is always in the eating.

$17.99 delivered nationwide - $35 is the standard delivered price for these products.

50 - Tester packs available

1 * Beef Ragu - NEW meal. Hearty and delicious. This is a real ragu.

1 * Butter Chicken 

1 * Mashed Potato

1 * Raspberry & Apple Fruit Bar

Go Native meals are not freeze-dried they are ready-to-eat casseroles and curries. To heat place the meal pouch in boiling water for 2 minutes. We have also included some mashed potato which is creamy and delicious. They're good enough to eat at home, don't take our word for it, try them for yourself.

You should always try your meals before you hike. We have been in too many huts with people who pour a cup of boiling water into their freeze-dried meals, leave them for 10 minutes to reconstitute, and then gasp at the thought of having to eat it. They have never seen or tried a freeze-dried meal..... You can't just pop out to pick up an alternative and you may have two more nights of similar meals in front of you.

We have created a tester pack (full-size meals) to sample to give you confidence in your food. The proof is always in the eating.




Shipping is normally 1 - 4 days depending on your address. We're Wellington-based.

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